Timeless Emblem Tencel Denim Dress

60.0$ 54.0$

Choose this Timeless denim summer dress for your little princess. Made of high quality denim, it is soft to the feel, comfortable, super cute with shoulder ties, stylish, and suitable for any occasion. Design for growing little girls, it comes with elastic back panel for easy getting in and out, and accommodate growth.

Available in 1 color: Blue.


Customization: Add in $10 to embroider a Name of choice not more than 20 characters

Material: Tencel emblem denim.


  • 4T-5T : XX” Length X XX” Waist X XX” Chest, End dress flare: -”
  • 6T-7T:  XX” Length X XX” Waist X XX” Hips, End dress flare: -”
  • 8T-10T: XX” Length X XX” Waist X XX” Hips, End dress flare: -”

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